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Obstetrics & Maternity department

At DAR AFIA HOSPITAL we created the perfect setting to offer a family centered environment and the best luxury experience in the eastern region.  We aim to provide you with individualized care at every stage of life. Led by a team of highly trained experts in the field of gynecology and obstetrics through innovative treatment programs assisted by a multicultural team of midwives and nurses, providing you with comprehensive and compassionate care, offering you and your family excellence in healthcare and patient safety.

The obstetrics ward services:

  • Prenatal care
  • Birthing services
  • High risk pregnancy
  • Post birth mother and baby care

The inpatient obstetric unit, located on the 6th floor, is designed to make you feel comfortable. Each of the post-partum beds is fully equipped with the best equipment to make your stay safe and joyful. The spacious and bright rooms in contrast with the furniture color and vibes provides a home-like setting. And for a touch of luxurious care, you can opt from one of our 3 upgraded rooms. Our labor & delivery ward contains fully equipped state-of-the-art luxury labor and delivery rooms. An operating theatre is available in the unit with a recovery place post caesarean section. Safety being our aim, we never separate the mother from her baby. We believe a baby is safe near his/her mother. Our staff are always ready to support and attend to your needs. We take charge of low and high-risk pregnancies supported by our level 5 neonatal intensive unit.

Confused about what to bring to the hospital? The below list is all you need in your bag. Everything else is available.

For mom:

Nightwear (three sets)

  • Personal toiletries/make up.
  • Clothes adequate for breastfeeding.
  • Set of clothes to go home.

For the baby:

  • Clothes for 3days (long sleeve)
  • Blanket
  • Car seat
  • Mittens to cover baby’s hands.
  • swaddling blankets (thin type)
  • Cap to cover baby’s head after delivery.

Clinic services:

  • Provide consultancy and advice to women’s health before pregnancy.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of infertility and assist in reproduction.
  • Follow-up pregnancy and treatment of health problems that may occur in pregnant women.
  • Follow-up and find out the sex of the fetus through television radiation (sonar).
  • Diagnosis and treatment of recurrent abortion.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of menstrual disorder.
  • Early detection of breast and uterine tumors.
  • Counseling and treatment of symptoms of menopause stage.
  • Provide the best family planning methods of tablets, injection and installation of an IUD.
  • CTG of the fetus.
  • Treatment of sagging and looseness after reproduction.
  • Women’s cosmetic services and plasma injections for the sensitive area.
  • lighting and bleaching sessions for sensitive area.
  • Operations of fibroids, ovarian cysts and hysterectomy.
  • Vaginal repairs and uterine prolapse.
  • Hysteroscopy, laparoscopy

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