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We Provide Best Healthcare Services

Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have.


Where five-stars treatment comes as standard

Dar Afia Hospital boasts specialist departments renowned for their medical excellence and top-notch service. With access to a highly qualified medical staff and over 20 clinical specialties covered by more than 15 consultants, we can provide comprehensive support for a wide range of illnesses or injuries.

Suite Room

Our luxury suites – the Eastern Provence most exclusive

Our luxury suites provide top-notch healthcare in an unmatched environment. Offering the highest standards, the Royal and executive suites are the epitome of luxury. They boast a sea view and separate dining, lounge, and bedroom areas. Furnished to perfection, they can even be combined to form a private wing.


Your privacy is protected

Our employees receive thorough training, and we implement advanced security measures for safety. With a team of in-house security personnel, we're prepared for any situation. Polite, well-mannered, and discreet, they're always ready to assist you promptly.


Services and specialties

At our hospital, we offer various treatments and diagnostic services with cutting-edge techniques and equipment. We're dedicated to transparency, regularly comparing our performance nationally to provide you with the best care. We offer single rooms, executive suites, and royal suites for your comfort and convenience.

To be the most trusted healthcare provider with the best evidence-based clinical practice.

To provide a patient-centered experience, supported by state-of-the- art medical facilities and innovative, luxury healthcare services of the highest quality standards that focuses on patients, families, and all members of our community.

• Excellence: Outstanding luxury high quality medical services.
• Teamwork: Working cooperatively to achieve goals.
• Loyalty.
• Commitment.
• Respect.

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Find the right Medication for you

one of the preeminent and luxurious medical institutions in the eastern region of the Saudi Kingdom.

At our hospital, we carry out a wide range of treatments and diagnostic services using some of the very latest techniques and equipment. We are committed to publishing our performance and bench marking ourselves against our peers nationally to ensure that you feel confident that you are getting the right care for you.

Our luxury suites offer the ultimate healthcare environment to match this quality of care. The Royal and executive suites are the most luxurious hospital suites in the region, with a sea view, featuring separate dining, lounge and bedroom areas. They have been furnished to the highest standards and can also be combined to create an entire private wing.

Our employees undergo extensive training, and we have sophisticated security measures in place to keep everyone safe and well. Our team of in-house security personnel are trained to deal with every eventuality. Like all our staff, they are polite, well-mannered and discreet. Whenever you need support or assistance, they will be there at a moment’s notice. ​

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