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We are blessed to have witnessed our CEO passion for a comprehensive clinic dedicated to women’s breast health.

A woman should be able to get a comprehensive services: Brest consultation, mammogram and ultrasound at the time of her visit. 

Our specialized Brest clinic provides that service for our patient’s peace of mind before leaving us. There should not be a delay in receiving the results.

Dar Afia Breast Clinic focuses on early detection of breast cancer using multiple modalities including mammogram, CT scan, ultrasound, and a thorough breast exam. 

We also offer a contrast enhanced diagnostic mammogram of which has been shown to be comparable to an MRI in women who have dense breast tissue and are at high risk of developing breast cancer. The results of each of these tests is given to the patient at the time of the visit.
There is no waiting on results of imaging tests here at our clinic. For those patients who need a biopsy, we assist you in every step of the process. We have a staff that is courteous and helpful with all processing of scheduling, testing and a kind word when needed. Patients are helped through their journey, and we ensure that everyone’s questions are answered and that our patients understand the treatment plan. 

One of the primary goals of our Mastology Center has been not only to treat breast cancer, but to discover new more effective treatments that will slow cancer growth and possibly destroy the cancer altogether. Through our own intensive research, we have made great advances. 



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