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Dar Afia’s Rheumatology Service offers diagnostic and therapeutic care for joint disorders and soft tissue injuries in both outpatients and inpatients.

Rheumatology involves treating joint, muscle, and systemic inflammations within the body. Rheumatic diseases can impact various organs like joints, muscles, blood vessels, skin, kidneys, liver, eyes, and brain. It often starts with mild pain and stiffness, potentially leading to lasting joint damage and organ involvement if untreated.

The main cause is immune system dysfunction, leading to inflammation, pain, and damage. Treatment varies by stage. Initial treatment modulates the immune system with oral medications. It’s important to avoid relying solely on pain relievers and anti-inflammatories, as they don’t prevent joint damage.

Advanced cases may require a combination of medications, including self-injectables or infusions. Infusions are done at the hospital in a short timeframe. Patients may need to take the day off due to potential fatigue from treatment. Injections can also be performed by the rheumatologist during visits to prevent joint destruction, providing direct relief to inflamed areas.

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